Seamless Aluminium Guttering Systems

Join thousands of happy customers and wave good-bye to blocked, leaking gutters when you invest in a seamless guttering system!

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    Built to last 30+ years

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    Eco-friendly solution

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    Hassle free, no maintenance needed

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    Easy and rapid installation

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eco friendly
eco friendly

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Prevent Costly Problems & Stop Repairing

Our seamless aluminium gutters are the solution to all your guttering problems. When you have a technically superior, one-piece system you can quit worrying about all the issues associated with upvc gutters. With plastic gutters, you'll be leaving yourself open to:

  • Clogging
    Debris clogging gutters, making them useless.
  • Leaks
    More leaks in joints and downpipes.
  • External Damage
    External Damage
    Causes damage to roofs, walls, soffits and fascias.
  • Breakages
    Using cheap materials makes guttering look shoddy.
  • Ice Dams
    Ice Dams
    Clogged gutters increase the risk of ice dams forming.

Future-Proof Your Gutters

Do it once, do it right
Future-Proof Your System

Rather than hunting for local gutter repairs every few years, why not invest in a seamless gutter instead? Say good-bye to clogged, flimsy gutters and pipes when you invest in our seamless aluminium guttering! By using a one-piece system and lightweight aluminium material, we'll provide you with a maintenance-free structure that will last for years.

No more recurrent gutter problems

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    You'll never have clogged, cracked, sagging, or leaking gutters again!
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    Custom-made – offering a perfect fit for your home, everytime.
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    No joints or leaks.
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    Contoured grooves and a colourfast finish enhance the appearance of any property.
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    We manufacture our own guttering systems, so you can cut out the middleman.
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    More environmentally friendly.
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How Do We Install Your Seamless Aluminium Gutters?

Quick, easy & effecient
How We Install Your Seamless Guttering System?

Installing your seamless guttering system is quick and easy! We put a coil of coated aluminium, in a colour of your choice, on our specialist machine and run the length needed to fit your home in one piece. This allows us to create a seamless guttering that only has joints where it meets a 90 degree corner.

We can connect your new seamless guttering to your existing downpipes or supply and fit brand new aluminium pipes, providing a totally maintenance-free system.

Invest In a Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

Wave goodbye to cleaning your gutters
Installating Innovative Rainwater Systems

Our micro mesh rainguard prevents debris like leaves, twigs and seedlings from entering the gutters and causing all sorts of problems like blockages, flooding and leaking. Did we mention it’s also a self-cleaning system! It’ll keep your gutters running efficiently year-round and save you the hassle of getting the ladders out.

Benefits of installing a micro mesh gutter guard:

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    Doesn't allow debris, leaves, seedlings and twigs to enter the system; preventing blocking, flooding, leaking and sagging.
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    Withstand heavier debris without sagging.
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    Self cleans, so you don't have to
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    Keep pests out
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    Made from lifelong stainless steel

What Makes Us Different?

Reject inferior products and opt for a long-term cost-effective system
  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Our products are built to last 30+ years

  • Sustainability


    We’re more environmentally friendly

  • Custom-made


    Offering a perfect fit every time

Prevent Costly Problems & Stop Repairing

What are seamless gutters?


Traditional gutters are designed in sections so that they are easy to put together. However seamless gutters are a singular one piece system that is cut from one piece of aluminium, meaning they have no joints or seams. This eradicates the risk of clogging, leaks and damage that's usually associated with plastic guttering.

How long do seamless gutters last?


If installed properly, most aluminium seamless gutters can last 30+ years! Plus they're virtually maintenance free, which makes them a great investment for your home

How much do seamless gutters cost?


The cost of a seamless guttering system depends on a variety of factors, the main one being the size of your property. To get a free, no obligation quote from us, fill out a quick and easy quick quote form.

Seamless gutters vs regular gutters - which are best?


We're not just being biased when we say seamless aluminium gutters beat regular gutters in every way. While they may be more expensive up front, they require less maintenance, have longer durability and no leakage, which makes seamless gutters a clear winner.

Where can I buy seamless aluminium gutters near me?


Get seamless aluminium gutters from Raptor Rainwater! We provide seamless guttering to customers all over the North West of England. Whether you're in Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire or Merseyside - get in touch with us for a quote.